6th Annual Ima's Home for Children 5K & Kids 1K Presented by Texas Oral and Facial Surgery

Houston, TX

Ima's Home for Children Fundraising

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 Finding Help for 400,000 Street Children


“For some families in the Philippines, poverty is so severe that they feel it is easier to just leave their children on the streets rather than watch them starve to death in their homes. There are families who have so many children that the oldest sibling (seven or eight years of age) is forced to the streets to beg for the rest of the family. Some are the illegitimate children of young mothers who were either abandoned by their families or are street-children themselves.

There is also the cruel and endless cycle of other young children who are violated, victimized, and exploited while growing up in the streets, only to give birth and perpetuate the next generation of street children. It is a seemingly endless cycle of hopelessness. There are approximately 400,000 street children in the city of Manila alone and hundreds more throughout the rest of the country, but Ima’s Home for Children promises to be an oasis of hope for these hurting and lonely children. As you read this, ask God what you can do to be a part of this great mission.”

Pastor Jim Kilgore


Ima’s Home For Children opened in the summer of 2013 after several years of dreams and hard work. Currently, there are 70+ children in the orphanage with many more ready to be rescued. All proceeds from the Ima's Home 5K Run and any monies collected goes completely to the daily operation of Ima’s Home which includes food, shelter, clothing, education, attendants and management for these precious children. There are no middle-men or administrative costs held out. Every penny goes directly to the orphanage.

We thank you for participating in this incredible endeavor of helping to save the lives of these young children. We feel there is no greater calling than to help the helpless children of this world. 


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